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What’s New in 2022

pensacola buildingPensacola Women’s Rehab Campus

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“Pensacola Teen Challenge is a beautiful, spacious campus that provides a wonderful place for our students to heal and establish their new life in Christ”
-Chris McKinney, Executive Director


Students Share their Stories of Changed Lives through Pensacola Women’s Campus

Pensacola Women’s Campus is one of the largest Teen Challenge Campuses housing up to 36 residences at a time. Here are some of the life-changing stories alumni claim because of their time in the Pensacola Program.

Sara D.

“I don’t know where I would be without the foundation God used Teen Challenge to establish in my life. I am forever grateful.”

Hope B.

“God brought me to Teen Challenge and my life has been completely transformed. God has truly healed my heart from the pain of my past.”

Lauren C.

“My addiction led me to where I was facing 15 years in prison, but God stepped in! I am 17 months sober because of Teen Challenge!”


Pensacola Women’s Rehab Center New Campus Features

Our Women’s Rehab Center has a new roof! When you stay with us you experience growth in a safe, encouraging, welcoming community. We try to make our living space and dorms reflect those values.

Our Program in 2022 at Pensacola Women’s Campus


A NEW addition to our curriculum in 2022 is the Weekly Spiritual Emphasis Day. We want to provide every opportunity for students to grow. We’ve implemented a weekly spiritual emphasis day where students attend spiritual enrichment classes (sermons, worship, courses, and times of reflection) where pastors walk with them through their individual issues and needs.

Read more about what to expect in our curriculum

To ensure the needs of students are being met, we’ve implemented the 2nd phase with the new curriculum. Some of the new courses and materials are:

1. 70X7 Finding Peace by Forgiving Others and Yourself by Bruce Wilkinson

2. Relapse Biblical Prevention Strategies by Mark E. Shaw

3. Captivating by John Eldredge

4. Navigating Your Finances God’s Way Compass

5. Addiction and Grace Love and Spirituality in the Healing of Addictions by Gerald G. May, M.D.

6. Insights to a Life without Revival by Lisa Bevere

After Care Program

One of the core values at Teen Challenge is Continuous Improvement and we’ve recently implemented the After Care Program at Pensacola Campus. Teen Challenge provides an Aftercare program that starts with our students 60 days out from graduation. During this time the students begin to prepare for their future. They meet with their mentor and set goals. The goals are set in specific time frames. The time frames are 30-day goals, 60-day goals, 90-day goals, 6-month goals, and 1-year goals. Below are the categories in which the goals are set:

1. Finances

2. Vocation

3. Education

4. Housing

5. Spiritual

6. Legal

7. Other

Goals are all followed up on by our Regional Aftercare Coordinator through surveys that are sent. Through this system, we can see red flags that help us to be able to minister to our graduates an entire year plus outside the program! We also at the center level try to connect with our graduates regularly.

Another point to our Aftercare plan is that we ensure they are departing to a safe environment. We make sure it is a drug-free, Christian environment. We also require them to be plugged into a church and recovery group. The individual must have accountability set up and a job lined up to the best of their ability.

Pensacola Women’s Campus has a Unique Work Program Experience

The highlight of our Work Experience Program involves our three Thrift Stores which provide an outstanding atmosphere for our students to grow in:

  • customer relations
  • work responsibility
  • and teamwork.

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